RPM Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian corporation that was established on July 24, 1992. It has a “Certificate of Authorization” as well as the designation “Consulting Engineers” from Professional Engineers Ontario to practice Engineering. It provides specialized and unique technical expertise consulting services in Application of Adjustable Speed Drives, Power Quality Investigation, Renewable Energy, Emergency backup power and complex electrical equipment failure analysis. RPM Engineering has successfully completed over 70 projects covering Petro-Chemical, Gas Plants, Pipelines, Mining, Pulp & Paper and Nuclear industries as well as commercial and Federal Government installations. In many cases, RPM Engineering was retained as a “single source” to carry out complex investigation into unique problems or recommending and implementing solutions to first of its kind applications. RPM Engineering has an excellent success rate in meeting the challenges encountered with these investigations.  It is not uncommon that RPM Engineering is engaged at a stage when other parties are unable to meet the customer need and to determine the root cause of equipment malfunction.

RPM Engineering has conducted work across the Globe including China, India, South Africa and Brazil. We strive to deliver technical expertise that represents current technologies and industry practices. RPM Engineering works very closely with the customer to understand the issues and provide the most cost effective and technically sound solutions.

RPM Engineering has conducted field start up and commissioning of several installations including carrying out field measurements using advance power quality on-line monitors.

RPM Engineering has a selection of advance power quality instrumentation. These units have been used in various industry sectors, nuclear plants and critical data processing centres to conduct power quality investigations. The on-line monitoring unit measures three-phase voltage and current, harmonics, line transients, inrush current, load profile and many other electrical parameters.

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