Experience – Pipeline Industry

Conducted complex investigation into failures of four medium voltage 30 pulse adjustable speed drives and input dry type isolating transformers for pipeline applications at several pumping stations. Produced comprehensive reports outlining findings and recommendations.

Completed complex investigation into arc-flash medium voltage switchgear failure for two large pumping stations. The equipment was less than 6 months in service. Also, conducted detailed review of seven 5000 HP motor protections, operating practices and field testing.

  • Conducted comprehensive study on arc mitigation techniques in industry and produced a report covering pros and cons of each technology, retrofitting, implementation challenges, operational and field experience and costing.
  • Retrofitted adjustable speed drive to an induction motor driving a reciprocating compressor for gas plant application.
  • Conducted magnetic wedges failure analysis for 7500 HP motor driving reciprocating compressor.
  • Design review, field measurements and Multilin relay protection setting for eight 7500 HP motors for compressor station.
  • Prepared engineering specification for two 3000 HP adjustable speed drives for soft starting several 7500 HP motors.

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