• Investigated serious torsional vibration problem with 8500 HP slip ring recovery drive.   Conducted detailed torsional simulation studies, harmonic and vibration measurements.
  • Conducted investigation into 3000 HP load commutated inverter (LCI) motor failure driving slow speed synchronous motor for a mining mill.
  • Conceptual design, Engineering specification, selection and implementation of one 3500 HP, and two 1750 HP Medium Voltage ASD, motor and control house for exhaust fan application for the mining industry.
  • Conducted field measurements and an investigation into 2×4000 HP GE DC drive flashover for a hoist application for a mining company.
  • Conducted a feasibility study for selecting three 12000 HP Cycloconverters versus Load Commutated Inverter (LCI) drives for a production hoist application for the deepest mine in North America.

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